Book Review | Leadershift – John Maxwell

In typical John Maxwell fashion, he takes the 11 essential changes and makes them not only understandable but relatable to any person who is a leader or wants to be one. These practical tips will help you to become not just a leader but a life changer to those who follow you.  The main thesis is not that we are doing leadership wrong. It is that we can alter our way of leading and shifting it.

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One of the scariest things that you and I will ever encounter is the unknown.  The unknown is an abyss of questions, concerns, worries, and fears. At the same time, it is an abyss of hope, faith, and dreams. Still, we find ourselves not wanting to walk into the unknown for the fear that we can never turn back.  The thing we have to remember is that it is better to step into the unknown than to stay behind in the land of regret.

What are you afraid to step into?

Book Review| Everyday Millionaires – Chris Hogan


I am pretty familiar with Chris Hogan and the other Ramsey Personalities from my time in following this team. It is no surprise that their message is on par with being debt free and building wealth. This book is no exception. Where this book differs from the other personalities is that Chris does not stay on getting out of debt but for a very brief moment which is refreshing. He tackles the myths and the truths of everyday millionaires. This book is filled with stories of millionaires throughout each chapter which breaks up the content to help keep your focus. Each chapter highlights a myth and a truth. At the end of the book, Chris gives you action steps to help you on your journey to becoming a millionaire. Where many other books give you hype, this book gives you everyday life examples without frill, pomp, and circumstance. This book is highly recommended!

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Two Years | Despise Not The New Beginnings

It has now been two years since my departure from the ministry. That’s hard to believe. To think that the near decade that I was there flew by, these past two seem faster. Maybe it is because I am older or perhaps it is because we are busier. One thing that I do know is that I have learned so much in that time. Here are 5 things that I learned;

  1. Breaking up is hard to do. When they told me I was fired, I honestly felt numb. I did not have a clear direction other than my family now was thrown under the bus.  It was difficult. After a few hours, I probably cried more than I had in a very long time. I caught me off guard that I would be this emotional. Fortunately, I got to say bye in my own way to all of those I left behind.
  2. Change is inevitable. No matter what phase you are in your life, change will happen. Whether it is good or bad, change is inevitable.  And change is good.  When we stay stagnant for too long, we find ourself complacent and bored.
  3. You are replaceable. I worked so hard at that job that I was trying to make myself indispensable. The problem with that is that we are all replaceable. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you are not the hottest thing in the fire. You, my friend, are replaceable.
  4. Know your worth. I am not saying this in pride. I am saying this, though, as a fact. The person you work for does not know all of your qualities, your abilities, and the like. They have limited knowledge. Don’t sell yourself short!
  5. Not everyone has your best in mind. Just because someone has the label of Christian, Believer, Child of God, etc. etc. does not mean that they have your best in mind.  I don’t think that it is intentional that they have their own agenda in mind. With that said, your agenda does not matter to them.

These are just a few things I have learned. Not long after I left the ministry, I wrote Unpack: Life Lessons of an Unemployed Rockstar which you can grab today for .99!

When God Says No

I come from the religious ilk where prayer is something you do over your meal and what you do at night before bed.  I honestly don’t remember a relationship being formed or anything like that. Just saying a prayer. After I left that church, I started looking for something that would help me to grow. Fast forward 2005 when I began watching televangelists and going to a non-denominational church. I wasn’t versed in the Word but knew that God wants the best for His children.

After some time, I began reading more and more of the Word of God. I listened to the preachers on TV (not all of them but some) make the statement;

“If you ask God for anything, He will bless you with it!”

The problem with this statement is this; sometimes God says no. Sometimes that very thing that you prayed for and asked God for is the very last thing that you need! For example, I know for a long period of time that I would pray that girl I was with would be mine forever. I would feel heartbroken that God didn’t answer my prayer. In 2006, I met Sara. My prayer changed. My desire changed. I wanted God to guide me to the woman He wanted me to marry. Just like dominos falling down one after another, Sara and I fell in love and got married.

What would have happened if God answered my earlier prayers? I would have missed out on the most awesome woman I have ever met. No, I am not saying that because she reads my blog. I mean it. She is exactly what was best for me. She balanced me and completed me.  God had the best in mind when I thought I knew best.

Have you ever had God say no?