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When The Coffee Mug is Half Empty…

I try not to be cynical. It is not something that I want to do. The old adage “if you don’t believe anything good will ever happen, you won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t” kind of rings a lot in my life. Naturally, I… Continue Reading “When The Coffee Mug is Half Empty…”

5 Things I Learned While Working a MLM

Listen to the Blog! I have to admit, I thought doing a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) would work out for me and for my family. I thought that if I got out there and tried to convince people to get on board, I would become… Continue Reading “5 Things I Learned While Working a MLM”

Five Musts of an Unemployed Rock Star

Have you recently found yourself unemployed? Whatever the reason for your departure, you have entered the new world of endless hours and countless opportunities. It is easy to get home from the initial meeting and throw in the towel in life. Perhaps just giving… Continue Reading “Five Musts of an Unemployed Rock Star”

Four Career Killing Clues That It Is Time To Flee

Who hasn’t at one point or another said that they wish they could just quit their job? Or do we have an Office Space moment where we want to take the printer out to the field and beat it with a bat? It isn’t a secret… Continue Reading “Four Career Killing Clues That It Is Time To Flee”

Unpacking Lessons Learned

Over the past week, we certainly have had a few things change in our lives. I wanted to take some time to unpack those changes and share what we have learned over that time. It is not exactly what we expected in our lives,… Continue Reading “Unpacking Lessons Learned”