Where do you start with an About page? It is cliche to open with a big celebratory “hey look at me!” I guess in order for you to understand my writing style and where I am coming from, you have to get to know me. Right?

I was born and raised in the south. Need I say more?  I have been fighting for my life since day one. I was born with a bilateral cleft pallet and lip and started the journey of countless surgeries.  I grew up in the Bible-belt and learned how to follow Jesus at a very young age. I learned quickly that God was this enraged being who wanted me to gravel at every sin that I have ever committed. Okay, maybe not that harsh but I learned of the God of wrath instead of the God of grace pretty early on.

At 18, I had my first of many near-death experiences along with an introduction to depression with a major in anxiety. At 23, I lost everything I had to bankruptcy and began rebuilding my life from the ground up. I uprooted myself from all that I knew and everyone I knew to move to St. Louis, MO. At this time, God began to build in me the relationship with Him being the God of grace.

At 24, I married my beautiful bride to whom blessed me with 3 beautiful little girls and a house full of love. Have our lives been easy? Let me count the ways…no! We managed to live our lives with one income while my wife stayed at home. At the time we decided this, people thought we were crazy.  The fact of the matter was this – we were! However, we felt God was speaking into our hearts to do this and from that point, we lived our lives with our hope and faith in God that He would provide.


I have always been an author. I wrote for my school newspaper, wrote poetry for family and friends, and contributed to several blogs over the years. In 2011, I wrote my first book entitled Visual Impairment where I talk about the difficulties that come with being a person of vision and how to overcome it. In 2017, I wrote my second book Unpack: Life Lessons of an Unemployed Rock Star which is listed exclusively on Amazon.com after losing my career after ten years.

Along with being a Christ follower, a husband, father, and IT professional, I am an accomplished pianist through the National Piano Players Guild from 1993-2001. In addition, I was a public speaker at my local church for two years and am an active author. I have great dreams of owning a coffee shop to serve our community and hopes to help change people’s lives for the better.

Enough about me. What about you?

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