Be The Exception


“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.”
-Matthew 5:14

I try to make a point to share experiences where I see God in them. It is obvious that I miss it from time to time – this was not one of them.

We planned to take the afternoon off to go shopping for a few things that we needed and grab curbside at Olive Garden.  Sara ordered our dinner and had it set to be picked up at 6 in the evening so that we could celebrate with dinner.  Olive Garden had it set up where all you needed to do was to pull in the parking lot to pick it up. Or so we thought.

We went to grab the few things that we needed to grab then headed over to the place to grab our food.  We honestly hadn’t considered the fact that it was Sunday and it was Mother’s day. We did, however, find the error of our ways when pulled up and there was a line of cars as far as the eyes could see.

We sat in a line of traffic for about 30 minutes before we got to the parking lot where we were greeted by a parking lot attendant who would tell us that it would be another hour before we would get our food. If we wanted a refund, all we had to do was ask the parking attendant who helped us park to take care of it.

I parked the van and got out to ask the parking attendant about a refund. I could tell she wasn’t having a good day.  I guess I wouldn’t have either if I had to deal with angry customers all evening.  I walked up to her and expressed that I wasn’t upset but just didn’t want to wait an hour for our food instead wanted a refund.  She called ahead to the people at the cash register, but no one answered.

A few seconds later, she called again and a person answered. She told the attendant that the order was getting ready.  I offered to have them keep the money but they had already started the refunding process.  I had already left a tip and said that they really should keep it.  A few minutes later, the lady came back on the radio and asked what we ordered.  I gave the order again and said that it was no problem. Not long after that, the woman came out and gave me these bags. She said, “We went ahead and put a few extra things in your bag.”

I handed Sara the bags and it was then that we found that we had 9 meals and several salads. They yelled as I went to get in, “Thank you so much for nice, William!!”

Listen, I am not bragging. What I am doing is sharing something valuable. You never know what someone is going through and how they will respond. Instead of losing your mind over something so trivial and over something you cannot change, put your energy into being good to the people around you. In this day and age, it is so important that we treat others the way that we would want to be treated. You never know when you will be that light for someone.

One Comment on “Be The Exception

  1. Love God’s little blessings. I cannot imagine making someone else’s day worse just because mine isn’t going as planned. However being that small light, made her be able to pad her heart enough to finish the night.


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