Parenting | Everything is NOT Handed to You

Nothing worth having comes easy” – unknown

A recent conversation with one of our kiddos led to this comment – everything is not handed to you. We live in a time where children are taught that everyone gets a trophy, everyone gets a good grade, everyone deserves things. Then – they hit the real world and are surprised when they find out that everything is not in fact handed to them.


It was a rough time in one of the girl’s time at school. They were not doing well in a particular subject and they practically did not try. They wanted us to give them the answer to every homework problem. They wanted us to work it all out for them. In our house, we don’t do that for them. If they sincerely need help, sure, we will help them. If they haven’t even tried then no,  they have to at least try first. They cannot assume that we are going to do that for them.


We have seen a vast improvement in their skills since then. Was it easy? Oh please! Quite the contrary! They cried, screamed, threw fits, etc. I know, our girls are not perfect as some may lead on to believe. Although they are set up to win, we don’t make them win. They have to earn it. With that, they find more satisfaction. I hear it in their voice when they do it on their own.

How are you teaching your kiddos to do their best?

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