Marriage | And The Two Became One

It is only fitting that on our anniversary that I write on our marriage. What most do not know is that we have been through hell and our marriage has more than survived – it has thrived. From losing jobs to financial disasters, from lost friendships to betrayal, from health scares to accidents, we have seen some things. If it were not for God’s grace and His help, we would not be the man and woman that we are today. It all started when the two became one.


At the altar, our pastor spoke a word over us. Whether he realizes it or not, he said: “your marriage will be the example to other marriages.” I am honored that we have held up that very word. There are many who have come up to us and said that they wish that they had the marriage that we have. I am not bragging at all. To God be the glory for it! In a previous marriage post, I wrote about how important our words are. I felt that it be fitting that I speak on the topic of the two becoming one.

It is easy to get married and then try to live separate lives. When I say easy, I really mean that it is difficult. It is only easy after divorce court. Even then, it isn’t easy. That is why when you become one with your spouse, you become one in every area. You are both now in this together. Many will disagree with this premise and that is fine. I believe that when we say I do, our lives are now one. Our finances, our home, our vehicles, our bodies, etc. Marriage is not a joint venture. There is no 50/50 partnership. It is 100/100. Each person giving their whole because they are whole.

The key to a healthy marriage is being one. King Solomon wrote;

“And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him—a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12


As we become one, we are empowered to overcome the obstacles before us.  We are able to break through the hardships that we encounter. Sara and I could not have overcome all that we have been through if we were not in one accord.

What can you today to be one with your spouse?


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