When God Says No

I come from the religious ilk where prayer is something you do over your meal and what you do at night before bed.  I honestly don’t remember a relationship being formed or anything like that. Just saying a prayer. After I left that church, I started looking for something that would help me to grow. Fast forward 2005 when I began watching televangelists and going to a non-denominational church. I wasn’t versed in the Word but knew that God wants the best for His children.

After some time, I began reading more and more of the Word of God. I listened to the preachers on TV (not all of them but some) make the statement;

“If you ask God for anything, He will bless you with it!”

The problem with this statement is this; sometimes God says no. Sometimes that very thing that you prayed for and asked God for is the very last thing that you need! For example, I know for a long period of time that I would pray that girl I was with would be mine forever. I would feel heartbroken that God didn’t answer my prayer. In 2006, I met Sara. My prayer changed. My desire changed. I wanted God to guide me to the woman He wanted me to marry. Just like dominos falling down one after another, Sara and I fell in love and got married.

What would have happened if God answered my earlier prayers? I would have missed out on the most awesome woman I have ever met. No, I am not saying that because she reads my blog. I mean it. She is exactly what was best for me. She balanced me and completed me.  God had the best in mind when I thought I knew best.

Have you ever had God say no?


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