A Dream of Unity

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
– Martin Luther King, Jr.

He would have been 90 years old. A life cut short by an assassin’s bullet, Martin Luther King, Jr. curtailed the status quo and went forward into the history books to change the world. His speeches and his thoughts can be found in millions of places around the globe. His touch can be felt in every Civil Rights activist’s march. His stamina and determination can be felt in the halls of the most prestigious universities, government buildings, and civic centers. He helped bring to light the perils of the African American community.


A far cry from many who protest using violence to get their message across, Martin Luther King, Jr. was a man whose protest was one of peace. Was this man perfect? No. However, his message was received by many who knew that even in his imperfection, he would speak hope and truth into the lives of millions. I am not sure what he would think of the world today. I would pray that he would be proud that there has been changed since his passing in 1968.

I believe that he would be honored to see that his legacy changed the way we all live today. I believe he would be proud that no longer are there segregated bathrooms, restaurants, schools, and the like. I believe that he would be proud to see African American leaders in our nation’s capital. I believe that he would be proud to see his children, his grandchildren, and his legacy marching forward into the next generation.
I also believe that he would be disappointed in some areas hoping that the work he had done would bring unity and not division. I believe that the dream that he had for America would outweigh the forgiveness that we all have towards our brothers and sisters. I believe that he would desire to see that instead of victim-centered life that all men and women would live a victorious minded life. The dream that he had for America was one of unity.


His hope was to drive out darkness with the light of Christ and with the hope that all men would one day come together in one accord. I have enclosed the video of his speech at the national mall in Washington DC in 1963 entitled “I have a dream.”

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