Thoughts | Breaking into Greatness


Never be ashamed in trying to better yourself. The world would try to hold you back and cause you to question your motives and your rights. Don’t be alarmed! You’re not experiencing something new or unknown. Millions debunked these feelings and moved forward towards greatness. Just think. If Abraham Lincoln listened to the constant rejection at the polls, he would not have been President. If Colonel Sanders listening to failure in his life, he would not have given us KFC. If Helen Keller listened to the thoughts of being both deaf and blind, she would not have gone to be a great influence for the disabled community. The list could go on. They went on to become the greatest in their craft simply because they did not listen nor did they give up. They persevered.

Just think of the chick. The chick has to break through the shell to come into this world. At first, you don’t think that it will ever happen. It pecks at the shell. It doesn’t break through right away. It will peck for what seems like forever. Eventually, it will break through the shell to become something great. What would happen if that chick simply gave up? It would die. The same is true for you and me when we give up on the greatness that is inside of each and every one of us.

What greatness are you hoping to break through?

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