Thoughts | To Dream Again

For nearly 20 years, I have had this dream. I mean a big, hairy, audacious dream. A dream that in the eyes of other people is impossible. For me, it was impossible. In 2016, we were getting closer and closer to getting this dream launched. Then the unthinkable happened. The rug was pulled out from under us. A new journey had begun in our lives that would erase all the hard work that we had made.


When you have that happen to you, it is very hard to dream again. You start to wonder, “what’s the point” or “why try when everything is against you?” It is easier to stop dreaming than to dream and have it taken away. The only problem is that you miss the destiny God has for you. You end up just surviving instead of thriving. Then, you become bitter.

How do I know these things? I was there. When all of this happened, I had to learn to trust again and to dream again. I had to learn how to not be afraid of the unknown. I also had to learn that just because one person does you wrong does not mean that all people do you wrong.

Now, I have to learn something new. I have to learn to dream again. I have to learn how to let go and draw strength from God in order to start dreaming again. The faith that God has given me has to help me to be able to see the unseen even through the hurt.


Are you struggling with this? You are not alone. Comment below your thoughts, what are you dreaming about, and any other thoughts!

4 Comments on “Thoughts | To Dream Again

  1. When our dreams are shattered & broken it can be so difficult to put the pieces all back together that any risk of having to go through this same ‘rebuilding’ again is too daunting a task to even imagine. But because we have a God, who is a God of Hope, if we are patient enough to allow Him the ample time to heal us…I do believe we can learn to take on these types of risk again. Hugs to you for giving voice to an area so many struggle with, especially at this time of year.

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    • Thank you Dawn! I agree with you that rebuilding is daunting. The amazing thing is that we serve the God of Hope who restores what the locust have eaten. Appreciate you and thank you for being active on this blog!

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  2. Sometimes shattered dreams can birth dreams better than we imagined. God loves to do crazy things like that for us!

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