Thought | You Didn’t Order That


Oh, where did I go wrong, Thomas? I simply wanted dinner with my family. Instead, we have a thought for Customer Service and entertainment for the evening. I guess I better start over for those who are not included in this inside information. It was the 30th of December and we had just gone ice skating with the family. When I say we, it wasn’t me, it was everyone else. That’s not all that important.

What is important is that we were all hungry and stopped at a Steak and Shake. Normally, we have okay experiences with Steak and Shake. however, this one was a bit out of the ordinary. We sat down as a group together (there was 11 of us and I gave Thomas a lot of leeway on this) to have dinner.  The hostess let us know that they were out of kids menus and that she would go over what they had. We assumed that she was our waitress.

This was where the action started. Ten munites later, a man comes over to take our order and introduces himself as Thomas. First, he takes Sara’s order. Then he goes to Maleah. I am thinking as he skipped over me that he was doing the ladies orders first. He then said “Sir, what would you like?” to my father-in-law or so we thought. Jay started talking and the waiter cuts him off and says, “No I was talking to her” pointing to my sister in law. At this point, we all stared in shock in the way he was taking our order, but then again, maybe it was how he remembered things.

Nope. He plum forgot about me until after several people telling him that he forgot about me he realized this. I give him my order. After a while, our orders started coming out. I should have stopped him. No really, I should have because when came out with four plates and he couldn’t remember whose was whose, that should have been my warning. He gives me my food and Sara gets hers. He goes to give Jay and Wendy their order. He walks off and comes back with the sides. He gave Jay his chili and then proceeds to ask, “Who ordered this other chili?” Wendy piped up, “I did,” His response?

You didn’t order that. The look on her face was priceless. She told him that she did indeed order that. Around the mountain of people, we go and he gets to Braeden (Wendy’s son). Thomas went to give him the food and Braeden told him “I did not order this, I ordered something different.” Thomas proceeds to argue that he, in fact, did order that and slammed the plate down in front of him.

At Burger King, you can have it your way. Not at Steak and Shake. Not with Thomas. Nope! You didn’t order that. Anyone who knows me knows that I cannot stand horrible customer service. I give a lot of grace to those in the food industry because I know what it was like. However, when you consistently argue with the customer regarding their order is correct or not, you have failed the test.

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I had a chat with the manager about that as well as our bill being incorrect because he had entered in our food incorrectly. She graciously fixed that error and apologized.

Thomas. Friend, waiting tables may not your forte. Maybe I am wrong and being a little bit harsh. However, in the food industry, it is vital that you listen to your customers and respond respectfully and tactfully. The customer may not always be right. The customer should be honored.

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