Thought | You Cannot Fill A Well With An Empty Bucket

Let me start by saying this, the post that I am writing is in no way meant to bring condemnation. This post is to encourage you to be your best self for you so that you can be your best self for others. With that said, you cannot fill a well with an empty bucket. Let me explain.

For nearly 10 years, I worked in ministry full-time. I gave everything I had to ministry. I sacrificed time and energy to make sure that everyone was taken care of. I also sacrificed my time to learn new skills and go back to school to better our family’s opportunity in the marketplace. In the end, I had nothing left to give. I was dry. The well of information, of encouragement, of faith, was all dried up. What happened?


At the end of the day, I had not replenished what I had given. I drained everything dry. Like the title says you cannot fill a well with an empty bucket. What I had to learn was to do these simple tasks to refill my bucket.

  1. Talk to God. I know that there are many of you who read my posts that do not have a faith journey. I write through the lens that I am living and I had to first learn to talk to God. He is the only One who can truly refill me and direct me towards my purpose.
  2. Write it Down. I began to write down my thoughts. Now, I did not do this every day, however, I did it as often as I could recall. At first, you won’t do it every single day either. That’s fine. Just start a process and you can change it down the road. We aren’t trying to be religious…we’re just trying to refill a dry well. pen-389401_1920.jpg
  3. Read. Some of life’s greatest ideas come from reading. I have chosen to read a daily devotion from YouVersion, a daily reading from a John Maxwell Leadership Daily Reader, and a non-fiction book. I have a list of books that I am working on for 2019.  You can download it free Book List!
  4. Dream. This has been probably the hardest thing over the past two years. Dreaming when you have had your life turned upside down, but like the Bible says, people without a vision die. I want to be filled with hope.
  5. Encourage Yourself. This is not a new age thing. The Bible even tells us that David encouraged himself. If it was good enough for the great king, I figure it would be good for me. This refills you with encouragement and promise.
  6. Remove the Negative. This means people, images, news, etc. Anything that is bringing you down with negativity, its time to remove it.

These are just a few things that are currently helping me to refill the well.

Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”
Matthew 11:28

What are you doing to be the best you and refill your well?

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