Salvaging Christmas

For years, there has been an all-out assault n Christmas. Never has there been a time in our country’s history where people were so offended and Christmas is no exception. I guess it would confirm what the Bible has told us from time to time about the end days. From the fact that the world would be “lovers of self” and “they will hate you as they have hated me“, I have witnessed the hatred of God’s people simply because they believe that this little baby would grow up to save the world.

These are the same people who believe that believe that we should be tolerant of all people…unless you are a Christan. The tolerance only goes so far in today’s society. However, I have to look back at the life of Christ. There weren’t very many people that were tolerant of Him. They were so intolerant that they would nail Him to a cross. At Christmas, however, it isn’t about the intolerance of a society that we should be focused on. It isn’t the intolerance of God’s people towards one another. It is a time where the true meaning behind it is salvaged for all mankind. Christmas isn’t just a bedtime story to tell of a man and woman who traveled forever to have a baby in a barn. No, it is a story of salvation that came in the most unlikely package to an unexpecting world that would find their lives changed forever.

This is Christmas.


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