4 Traps to Avoid as a Blogger

Writing is a great way to express your thoughts and opinions. You can get them all out at one time and not be interrupted in the process. You can change your words, replay them, and portray them as you would have said them in person. When I started writing this blog, I noticed several things that I was doing that was hindering the success of this page. Here are 4 traps that I had to avoid in order to get to where I am today. They are;

  1. Comparing Your Blog to Another Blogger. It is easy to get trapped in the game of comparison. Whenever you see another blog exploding with exposure, you want to know their secrets. You see their numbers. You see their success. The main problem with this is that you miss out on the potential that you have when you try to compare and replicate what someone else has done.  Sure, you can try but it won’t be the same. People will not see the authenticity of your work and instead, they will see the work of someone else.
  2. Creating Content to be Famous Instead of Famously Creating Content. After we try to replicate other people’s success, we tend to try to create content for the sake of being famous. The problem with this is that when we take this step in our writing, we try to make ourselves something we are not. We lose ourselves in the work. When creating content, it must come from the heart and not someone else’s work. I tried for a while to replicate the type of content that Jon Acuff did. The problem with that is that I am not Jon Acuff. My content must reflect who I am.
  3. Watching the Analytic Views. Every single day. It is easy to get caught up in reading the analytics of who saw your blog and when they saw it. It is great to have these metrics to know when to post and to plan. However, we often will look at these on a daily basis and instead of it being a tool to build our blog, it becomes a measuring stick to our identity. Watching your analytics every single day will drive you crazy!
  4. Taking Advice From Every Tom, Dick, and/or Harry. Every person who is willing to give advice will give you conflicting advice. What Tom says will not be the same as Harry. Harry will give you horrible advice where Dick will give you advice that could make you millions. The advice you get will not be the same. Typically, they are polar opposites. It is great to have a mentor who will help you grow and will allow you to bounce ideas off of. Simply, you cannot rely on multiple individuals and have a successful blog.


These obviously are not all of the pitfalls of writing a blog. There are plenty more that can sink your work. However, these are four that I personally had to fight. What other pitfalls have you seen?


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