Book Review | Activating the Power of God’s Word


Kyle Winkler is no stranger to the power of God’s word and the message behind it.  Featured on TBNIt’s Supernatural, and many different programs across the globe.  Traveling the world while teaching the word of God and instilling hope to the hopeless, Kyle has written this book to reach out to those who struggle with believing that God’s word is true, full of life, and active.

In this new book, Activating the Power of God’s Word, Kyle reveals the power of behind being able to speak the Word, believe the Word, and act on the Word. At the end of each chapter, Kyle offers a way to active the word whether it is knowing that you are a new creation in Christ or enjoying your everyday life. Unlike most authors in this genre, Kyle does not just write down the words to say that these things are true or even propose a false expose, he has lived it day in and day out. He talks not only about the characters of the Bible who actively walked through it, he tells his story.

One thing that I really enjoyed about this book is that each chapter includes a website that has a video teaching with it. Each teaching tackles the topic that he speaks on in the book which is a plus. In addition, the YouVersion app includes a 6-day daily devotional for absolutely free!

Finally, this is perhaps one of the best things I loved about this book. Being an established author, most find themselves repeating themselves from prior books. This is not the case. Kyle does not offer the same information as he did in Silence Satan I appreciate that because when I read an established author, this is my common complaint.

You can pick up Kyle’s book wherever books are sold. However, the best place to grab it is at!

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