You Are Destined For Success

You are not destined to be impoverished. You are destined to succeed in all that you do. God has destined you to move forward and not backward.  God has purposed you to be successful. In Genesis, He instructed mankind to go and “take dominion of the earth and subdue it” Often we hear this  and at first, we don’t believe it. Then we try to do it all on our own. Which is followed by failure. The only problem is that we were not designed to do it on our own. He did not say to go and do these things without the wherewithal to do so. God has given us the tools to do so.


We have to stop and take a look at these tools that have been given to us knowing that He is helping us to get there.  It is just like the turtle that is found on top of a pole. We all know that the turtle did not get there on his own. The same is for you on your journey to your destiny.


God did not have you go and be successful without His hand in it. In the Bible, it says that He has prospered the work of your hands not that you would do so. It does not say that you can do all things but instead that you “have the strength to do all things in Christ.”  Knowing that God is amongst us to help us be successful in all that we do is just proof that He wants us and desires us to be wealthy in all that we do.


Now, when I write this I may get some feedback. We frequently get caught up in how God will make us wealthy instead of the fact that He makes us wealthy in many different ways.  God did not define the amount of the blessing, He just said He would do it.  He says you will be the head and not the tail. With these things and more, He will help you to be successful.

God has not only destined you to be successful but to wealthy and successful, to be healthy and successful, to be joyful and successful. It is important to know that those tools are available to you to help you are not only easily accessible, but it is all free to you to use!

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