5 Things That I Learned From The Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation

Over the past three months, our country has been in a constant state of chaos with the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court decision. First, I want to preface this in stating that I was an early advocate for the Judge and believe that he will make great judicial, non-partisan decisions, and judge according to the Constitution as written. Second, leaving nasty comments or emails regarding my opinion will not change my mind. These are my thoughts and what I believe is the foundation of my life.

As I followed these proceedings, I saw several key learning opportunities in what transpired.

  1. You Catch More Flies With Honey. The vitriol that transpired through the news cycles, the Senate Judiciary Hearings, and Social Media just show that people that are fed up with being yelled at and their minds are not changed by harsh tones and yelling. No one mind was changed by someone screaming at them.
  2. Your Feelings Do Not Change Facts. Though this goes along with the previous entry, it also is the truth. You may feel that someone is categorically wrong and you’re upset about it. This does not change the truth, however. You may have strong feelings about our President. It doesn’t change the truth – he is still our President.
  3. Your Past Is Not Realy Behind You. Be careful about what you do today for it may come to light tomorrow. This little fact really struck home during this hearing. I am not the only one who double checked the past to make sure there were no skeletons in my closet.
  4. The Mob Does Not Rule In Our Government. This really bothered me. All throughout these proceedings, I saw the protest. Protests in themselves are not bad. I am all for speaking your voice. I, however, found it disturbing while seeing grown people chase down our Senators and other government officials while yelling and screaming the vilest things about them and about their families. All through this process, people were making death threats, causing damage to property, and disregarding the safety of others because they wanted to make a point.
  5. Never Give Up.  This may be an unpopular thought. I personally think that it is amazing that Brett Kavanaugh never gave up. It would have been easier to quit and give up because he had such opposition. He kept moving forward and persevered.

The biggest take away from this was this; the Golden Rule should be bi-partisan. Whether you are a Democrat, an Independent, Republican, or any other political party, you deserve to be treated the way that others would want to be treated. 


Finally, if you are unhappy with the current political climate, it is time for you to VOTE!


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