When Enough is Never Enough

In a previous post, Why People Hate Politics, I wrote about the perils of the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings that have taken place over the past several months. Since my post, an FBI investigation was opened in regards to the allegations that were put against him. There was a call for a hearing. The hearing occurred. There was an FBI investigation requested. One was provided. Now – it isn’t enough. Those oppose this nominee are now stating that they don’t have enough time to complete the task, let’s move it out further.

It bears to question; when is enough ever enough? In the eyes of the ones that are against the values of Americans, it is never enough. Americans are getting more and more tired of the politics of today where you are guilty until you are proven innocent where you are still guilty. What do I mean? Kavanaugh has been accused of a heinous crime. Horrible. However, there has been no corroborated proof that it happened. Though this is the case, he cannot serve as a professor at Harvard Law. Why? People feel threatened. People feel that he had committed this crime without being proven guilty.

When will enough be enough? Honestly, I believe that it will never be enough. I hate to say that for these people. I also believe that we can change this tidal wave. On Tuesday, November 6, you can make that change by voting. Get out and vote! Don’t allow your values to become silent because you decided to not get up and vote. Don’t allow your point of view become unimportant because you decided to stay at home on election day. More than ever, this election cycle is vital to our country.

I implore you. Get out and vote your values on November 6th!


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