The Reason Why People Hate Politics

This past week was one of great contention. The news cycle was filled with the drama that unfolded in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing regarding Judge Brett Kavanaugh being confirmed to the Supreme Court. The 11th-hour revelation regarding an incident that is reported to have taken place nearly 40 years ago began to tear through the hearing. After 10 days of waiting and 10 days of watching a man who has devoted his life to integrity be torn apart, we finally got the accused and the accuser in a meeting.

Let me start off saying this; there are multiple victims in this situation. The family and friends of Judge Kavanaugh, Dr. Ford and her family, and the country as a whole. Innocent people who did not want to be a part of this charade are now forever marred by it. My heart aches for them.

The problem that I have had with this whole situation is this; a man’s life has been torn apart without proof of guilt. Yes – we have a person stating that he did some horrible things. I am not saying he didn’t do it. I wasn’t there. What I am saying is that without strong evidence, he has had his reputation and his family’s name dragged through the mud.

The other problem that I have with this whole situation is this; a woman’s life has been torn apart without proof of guilt. Let me explain. In the beginning, she asked to remain anonymous. She stated that she did not want to come forward. Now, we could all bicker and fight about if she legitimately wanted to remain private about it. That’s not what I am saying at all. What I am saying is that this person’s pain was exploited in my opinion. People dragged her name through the mud.

As a father, I would want my children to be heard on both sides of the coin. If they were abused, they should have the right and ability to speak about it. If they were the accused, I would want them to have the freedom to defend themselves and state their case being innocent until proven guilty.

As a father, I would want my children to be able to defend their name and state their case without fear that people will declare them guilty by a simple accusation.  I would not wish my worst enemy to have gone through what these people have gone through.

This leads me to why I wrote this article. The reason people hate politics is that there is no equal opportunity in our system. For example, we have had multiple leaders in our country who committed adultery and lived a life of sin yet got away with it. It was proven that they did.  Then we have a person who is being accused of a heinous crime, however, there is no corroborating evidence to show that it occurred.

People hate politics because of the hypocrisy that happens in our government. It is for this reason that millions won’t vote. They either don’t believe that their vote will count or that all elected officials are crooks. But honestly, it is for this reason that they need to vote! Sure, I hate certain vegetables, but for the good of my body, I eat them. The same goes for our politics. We have to be involved in our politics to even consider making a difference in our courtrooms, in our Senate and House of Representatives, in our Mayoral and Gubernatorial races, and in our local government.

The disgrace that has been displayed these past few months in these hearings for the Supreme Court is the perfect reason that you and I should get out there in November and vote!




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