A Father Offers His Son | Scott LaPierre

51nuxel0K+L._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_Scott LaPierre writes from the heart reflecting on the parallels between Abraham offering Isaac and God offering Christ as a sacrifice. Don’t mistake these parallels – they aren’t what you think. Perfect for a Bible Study or Personal Study, Scott will walk you through chapter 22 of Genesis to show you those very parallels. Without giving up too much information, this book will break down who Isaac and Jesus were, where they both had been in the same place, their place in both the Old and New Testament, where their stories overlap, and the final sacrifice for God’s people. Each chapter ends with an outline of Q&As that will challenge you to grow closer to God and discover the true purpose in His relationship with you. You can get this book today!
Kindle  Paperback

Scott LaPierre is the Senior Pastor of Woodland Christian Church in Woodland, WA, author, speaker, and Regional Facilitator over WA, OR, and CA for The National Center for Family-Integrated Churches. His most important role is the husband to his wife, Katie, and father of seven children. When he’s not busy with all of these roles, he enjoys reading and writing.

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