The Power of Redundancy

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle

Driving home from work the other day, I had a thought. Don’t be scared, I won’t be taking over the world any time soon. Though the thought has crossed my mind, I digress. I was thinking about the successes of men and women who are living their dream and what could I do to imitate their actions. The thought that came to mind was this;

“There is great power in redundancy.”

How often do you and I go into an adventure that we have been dying to do only to find ourselves rejected, dejected, defeated, and mistreated? We put on the depressing Sarah McLaughlin music with our tears flowing into our favorite drink with thoughts of just throwing in the towel on our dreams… what? You have never had those feelings? Right. Then, we see the amazingly successful men and women get out there and kick butt. We believe the old adage that they became an “overnight success” only to find it too took them 20 years to see it come to pass.

The thing is that in order for ourselves to be successful, we have to see how they became successful. Whether it is because they keep their nose to the grindstone or kept their eyes focused on the prize. Whether they keep their heart directed towards that dream or they fight to keep that very dream alive. They win! What’s the common denominator?

“The power of redundancy”

Here are three things that successful people do when practicing the power of redundancy;

  1. They keep posting about their vision. In the great algorithm of life, if you keep putting your vision before people, they will buy into it. In the world of Social Media, this is vital. The more you talk about it – the more others will see it. The more you post it – the more others will know. The more you put yourself out there – the more people know you mean business. Regardless of what your mind tells you, you have to move past that thought process and keep talking about it. Keep the dream alive through redundancy.finger-2056030_1920
  2. They keep pushing through the negativity. They do not give into criticism or negative thought. They don’t allow themselves to throw a pity party with them being the guest of honor. They, instead, surround themselves with positive thoughts and uplifting music. It is no different if you eat only junk food. If you fill yourself with junk, you will be sick. If you eat good food, you will be healthy. The same is for our thoughts.desperate-2293377_1920
  3. They surround themselves with like-minded people. If you think about it, the more you hang out with positive people – the more positive you are. Studies show that the people you are close to are the way you will become. If you have negative, hard to get along with people in your circle, don’t be surprised if you are the same. If you are positive and have successful people in your circle, don’t be surprised if you are the same.teamcult
  4. Here is a bonus:
    What your mouth. How many times have you or I been told to “watch your mouth?” I know that I have heard that from time to time from my folks or from people around me. The statement is true. If you keep spouting off how you don’t have enough money or can’t do…do not be shocked when you keep having the same results.


So my challenge for you today is to tap into the power of redundancy. Don’t quit. Keep pressing forward. Why? Because you’ve got this!

2 Comments on “The Power of Redundancy

  1. Big hugs and a sincere thank you for this post!! I am on the tippy-toe edge of following a dream I’ve had for far too many ‘lost’ years! Your post feels like another affirmation I’ve received, that I’m been ‘pushed to the ledge’ to at last LEAP at the opportunity to finally try! Just wondering if with that first jump should I close my eyes or just leave them opened wide??

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