What to Do When You’re Robbed

First, I want to take a moment and apologize for the silence since last month. I am one who doesn’t like to put a piece on here without giving you 100% and I honestly haven’t had content pouring out of the wells of inspiration. I often wrote my posts on things that I personally went through and am currently going through, yet I haven’t been able to pour it into this avenue.

Partially it is because of technology. My laptop completely quit and that was my primary medium to write. And partially because I’ve not had the desire. Not that you guys aren’t important. You guys are amazing! However there are times that the joy just isn’t there. The words just do not fill the page.

There are times that we feel robbed in life. You didn’t get the promotion you thought you’d get. You didn’t have the money to get something you wanted. Your dream suddenly vanishes. Your child goes off the right path. Your spouse leaves. Do I need to keep going?

Today I got to thinking about what I could do. It is so much easier to give up. But that would be counter productive. Here are a few things that came to mind that I’ve done in the past that have helped.

1. Turn on some great music.

I don’t mean a Tear in my Beer or some song about getting even. I mean upbeat music.

2. Dance like no-one else is watching.

Don’t do this while driving. Seriously. Don’t. No One wants to see that. And it’s dangerous.

3. Get out if the house.

Being in the house can be great but when you’ve been robbed… it is like locking yourself in prison.

4. Read.

I have found that if I read, it takes my mind off of the robbery.

I’m not perfect. Just read the first part of this entry. I struggle. That just means I’m still alive!

Let me know what you think; comment and like this post. Share with a friend. No…really….

4 Comments on “What to Do When You’re Robbed

  1. I believe we all have these moments of feeling being robbed….some more than others. We need to realize that the main reason we feel this way is because we compare ourselves to others. We are unique and our journey is unique also. God is our maker and is in control at all times. These robbed times make us stronger, more courageous, more loving and more like God has made us to be. Look forward for the tears at night bring joy in the morning! Thank you for your thought provoking message….love you and your family very much.


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