Beyond Easter | A Quest for Jesus

“There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her.”
Luke 10:42

         It can be really easy to find ourselves right after Easter finding ourselves on a quest for a better self.  It can even come across that we are changing our lives for the better. It can be easy to give up because it doesn’t happen over night.  However, I challenge you to read through this to help you to live beyond Easter and into a quest for Jesus.

        It’s been pretty recent that I have had the Spirit of God really move in my life in many areas of scripture.  As I turn from page to page, I find myself finding a new message. It’s overwhelming at times and I can see myself not being careful with hearing His voice through the thoughts.  I have been on a quest for a little while to know more of Jesus. When we get saved, we know that He loves us and has died for us. The gist is for many Christians is that He is a figure on a cross that we thank God for.  It’s sad to say, that is how most of the Christians of today feel. God has placed a few of these thoughts in my heart to analyze.

  1. Do I Take the Time to Listen to God?

        God has been so good to us and desires to have a personal relationship with us, yet we find ourselves so busy that we forget God is even in the same picture.  We find ourselves being Martha instead of Mary. I was inspired by the story of Mary and Martha in the sense that it reflects the church of today. The Martha church is all about doing and all about works.  The church wants to go out into the world and teach the nations. It is a noble cause but there is an ingredient that we have left out and it is Jesus. We take him along in our box and say, “Ok Jesus, if it be your will let it be done.” And when troubles arise, Jesus is still in the box and we are the ones rebuking the devil.  

         Now, we know this is a metaphor and we know Jesus cannot be locked in a box.  But we might as well put it him on the side if we do not allow him to be the center of our focus.  Mary desired to know more about Jesus. Mary always reminds me of a little girl who goes up to her grandpa’s feet and sits while he’s telling stories.  She is so engrossed in the story that she loses all thoughts of the things that are being done around her. She wants to hear every word, she wants to imagine the things that are happening, and she hangs on to every word.  

        There’s something about Mary in this story that can be out of balance too.  Now, Mary wasn’t doing this but I have to address this portion too. Mary did not forsake all things around her and live in a bubble.  I am sure she worked too but the point is that she did not let her “works” become number one in her life. I have been finding myself lately busy all the time.

        2. Do I Give God My Best or What’s Left?

        Sara and I lead a busy life between church, our children, family, and friends and it is so easy to put God on a shelf.  Certainly, we can find five minutes to talk to Him but honestly isn’t He worth more than five minutes? I read a quote today from Mother Teresa, “Each morning I meditate on Jesus.  I then go and look for him in disguise.” This really touched me in a way that I never would have thought. It is so easy to say, “Good morning, Jesus, thank you for blessing so and so, so and so, in Your name…”

          But what about really meditating on him?  The dictionary refers to meditation as a way “to consider as something to be done or affected; intend; purpose.”  We have to purpose to talk to Jesus each morning. We have to meditate on him and the Word. We have to do it all in balance and not completely disregard our jobs or our housework, but have to spend…should I dare say, that we should desire to spend time with the King of kings.  

       I am just amazed at how good our day goes when we give Him the morning.  It’s a revelation of the principle of first fruits. I heard a teaching on the first fruits and it is so powerful in the thought; the first fruits of a harvest are the best, they are the sweetest, juiciest, and the firmest.  The last of the harvest is bland, tasteless, and weak. God wants your first fruits because it is your best. I have to add to that. You are your best in the morning. We don’t feel it at first but we are rejuvenated, we are fresh, we have rested the night before for the most part, and we haven’t been ruined by the world.  God wants you when you are fresh not when you are flesh. If you are flesh, you are dry and have nothing good to offer.

         3. Am I doing everything I can to Know Him

        I find it interesting that we glorify those that live a lie.  The actors are merely people who get onto the screen and live a fairy tale that does not equate to what happens in real life.  How many times have you popped into a painting and went riding on a horse? How often do you end up with the prettiest girl? Wait, I have done that..ok, bad example but you get my point.  We often glorify something that is completely not true. We veer our lives around them, we set our DVR’s to record them, we can’t wait until the next episode. Then suddenly, we wonder why our marriages aren’t working out or why our children act the way they do.  Now, I am not saying that movies and television are evil and must be done away with. There is balance, you can watch movies and television but when it comes to God, what do you do more of? The average American watches television almost every night for more than two hours. (Stats on television watching and the amount that the movie industry makes) Sure, we want to escape the harshness of the world because our lives are in turmoil but when it all boils down to it, what is true in the end?  God wants a moment with you today. He wants more than an simple blessing of the meal. He wants your attention more than you’ll ever know. Did you know our God is a jealous God? Many would think, well if that’s the way it is then why serve Him?

       Wouldn’t you be jealous if your spouse spent more time with a friend than you?  Or when they are on the internet for hours and only spend ten minutes with you? God has the same feelings.  He wants more than ten minutes with you every Sunday and Wednesday. He desires for you to know Him. In Psalms, God calls us to “be still and know that I am God.” I am amazed of how often God uses small words to prove a point.  God wants you to “know”. To know is to have full knowledge of the truth. What would we have if we truly knew God in His core essence? Get to know God and get close to Him. The only thing certain other than death is God. Be ready and be prepared.

        4. Is Everything I Do For the Glory of God?

       But if you are fresh, you can change the world.  I love 1 Corinthians 10:31 that says, “So then, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you may do, do all for the honor and glory of God.”  I think it is important that in everything that we do, whether it is talking on the phone or going out to dinner with a friend, or whatever the case is but that it is all for God’s glory.  

       Many people would like to dispute certain activities because it doesn’t state them clearly in the Word.  I really believe that this verse captivates what the rest of the Word says and doesn’t say. For example, many Christians believe that it is ok to drink.  I used to believe this until I read this verse. When you drink an alcoholic beverage, does it glorify God? The non-believer that is next to you or even watching you when you do so doesn’t think so.  “Well, if I do it at home it’s okay because no one sees me.” In Matthew 10:26, it says “there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed or hidden that will not be made known.” Just because you are alone and believe that you aren’t being watched doesn’t mean that God isn’t watching.   It is not for the person next to you that gets the glory or yourself but it is God. God desires and demands that He be glorified. It seems kind of harsh to the human mind but if you think about it, God doesn’t want another god to overtake your life and cause you heartache.

        Drugs can be a type of a god and it leads to diseases and pain.  Television causes millions to sink into depression. Putting your trust in people can lead to reliability issues.  God is constant and never changes. He wants you to rest your eyes and your attention on Him and Him alone.

         5. Am I Searching for This Jesus?

          I refer back to Mother Teresa’s comment, “I then go and look for him in disguise.”  What are you doing to glorify Him and are you looking for the attention? Or are you actively looking for Him in the disguise of a beggar or a friend or someone else in need?  In Matthew 25:40, “The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’  How powerful it that?!   We have the opportunity to search for Jesus in the eyes of the needy, the orphans, the widows, the lonely, and so much more.  What are you doing to look for him in disguise? Are you casually driving by a homeless person or are you bringing him a meal?  Are you casting a blind eye of a widow whose yard needs mowing or are you cleaning her windows too?


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