The Reason I Do Not Post Rants Online

In a day and age where it is so easy to type something up on social media, create a website, blog, send an email, text, etc, it is even more easy to speak our minds.  It is easier to fire now and ask questions later. How many times have you run across a social media post that made your stomach sink because you knew something was amiss about it? Or when you overheard a well-meaning person saying not-so-well-meaning thoughts about someone you know?

Case in point – we have been dealing with several issues over this past semester with one of our daughters. She was getting bullied by someone at school and they were causing problems in the classroom.  We addressed it and it seemed to be all taken care of. Then, she came home saying that this person had done something wrong to her again. I addressed it with the teacher, principal, and vice-principal of the school. They looked into it and got back to me.

A week later, I followed up with the teacher to see how things were going. A few things had come to light about her story with the teacher and I had to get to the bottom of it. Sara and I sat down with her and talked about her story. We already knew beforehand that there were a few holes in it but they seemed minor and easy to misinterpret. After a few more minutes, I began to realize that she made the whole thing up. I probed her for a little more info and finally, she admitted that she had made it all up to get even with the girl for all that she had done to her.

Why am I telling you this?  How many times have you seen someone go Facebook or some other platform and blast their opinions out there without getting all of the facts? It would be easy to just sit down and type out or post a video that blasted someone or a school about their policies and about their handling of the kids. Do they always get it right?  Absolutely not. Do I always get it right? You guessed it…absolutely not.

One thing that I have tried to follow is the principle found in 1 Corinthians 13:9;

Now our knowledge is partial and incomplete, and even the gift of prophecy reveals only part of the whole picture!

Ouch! For me, this scripture really affected how I look at the situation that I am in.  I only know in part! You only know in part! That means we don’t know the whole story and we shouldn’t be so quick to jump to conclusions.  In James 1:19, we read the text that steps on all of our toes;

Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry.

What would happen if we, instead, would be slow to type and quick to listen? instead of vomiting our opinions of a situation that we only know in part of that we would go to God and pray for His direction (See James 1:5). Friend, can I make a challenge to you?

Be Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak, and Slow to Get Angry.

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