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Recently, I have been watching the political climate of our country and listening to what people have to say in the political arena and in the public arena. I have many amazing people on my page the follow me and many of them have opposing views than me. I am pretty quite typically about my political views and what I think. I have been watching our President over this past year and how the press has treated him. First – you may disagree. But please refrain from putting rude comments on my post. I don’t do it to you, please don’t do it to me. No – seriously. Don’t.

(1) Over the past few months, I have listened to the different press conferences that have been made whether it was the President or his staff and witness egregious attitudes from those in attendance. The individuals claim to want to unify the country and ask questions about what the President is going to do about bringing the country together yet in the same breath yell at those to whom they are asking questions of. Does anyone else see something wrong with this?

(2) Do you remember a time when the President spoke (regardless of party affiliation) that people would show respect for him? Or even allowed him to answer their questions without their interruptions? I remember a time when if the President was going to speak, regardless of what we thought of him, we would show respect to him. Each time I listen to these reporters in this Press Conference today, I wonder what is really going through their heads when they address the President. Multiple times they over spoke him, tried to catch him in a lie, yelled at him, etc. I was honestly appalled and have been in recent years when I listened to the press speak to the President.

(3) Do we really expect our country to be united when we ourselves cannot do the same in our own homes, churches, and communities?

To quote President John F Kennedy;

“My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

I firmly believe that regardless of who is in the White House that we should be respectful. I can respectfully disagree with our President on certain things (regardless of which President that I am speaking of.) I pray for our President – especially this one. I have never seen such vitriol, vile hate towards him. I pray that God will direct him, give him wisdom, protect him, show him the right paths to walk, to make decisions for our country that will serve our people, and to reflect the office with great intentionality for the good of this nation. God bless the President of the United States.

2 Comments on “Opinion | The Modern Day Press

  1. Very well said. I totally agree. Thank You for sharing. Praying those who read this will think and show respect and pray for our President and our Great Nation!


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