From Inside These Walls

I have been a Christian for nearly 25 years. The church was my way of life growing up. If the doors were open, we were there in our seat in the sanctuary. We were the family that spent time serving and giving in the church. With that, my opinion is simply an observation of what I have seen over the past few years.

I have grave concerns for the current status of the church. In recent years, I have witnessed this huge shift on getting people in the doors and build up attendance. Maybe it isn’t intentional. Perhaps it starts with the hope to get more people in to help them have a relationship with Christ. We build up a production to woo the non-churchgoer into the church with hopes that they will meet Jesus there. Unfortunate as it may seem, the church brings these people in but can’t seem to keep them. Why? What is the biggest disconnect?

From the experience that I have had is that though it may not be intentional, the church does not take care of its own people. How many people do you see that suddenly decide not to come to church anymore? How often do you wonder where those very people went? I have heard some believers use the term “backslidden” to describe the ones who left. I tend to disagree with this term. The term “I have had enough” or “what’s the point” may describe it better. So often, we as churchgoers tend to draw to people that we know. We don’t want to branch out of our own group and create a clique that only certain people can be a part of.

I have recently seen this as a huge problem in the church. There are certain groups that only certain people are allowed to be a part of. Though it may not be intentional, no matter how hard we have tried to be a part of their group, we are simply not genuinely welcome. We aren’t invited to do life with any of those people. This birthed this thought in my spirit’

“Before you reach the world, you must reach from within your own four walls.”

We must love those in our midst before we can even attempt to reach out to the world. There are people all over our churches that are hurting and lonely, yet we spend the least amount of time reaching out to them. Our goal, as the church, is to show people the love of Christ. Once we begin the show the love of Christ to people within our own four walls, we will see an explosion of growth in our churches.

ACTION QUESTION: What am I going to do to reach someone in my four walls?

3 Comments on “From Inside These Walls

  1. Wow. This certainly brings a need for considerable thought…. Hugs & Blessings to you for spurning such insightful contemplation!!


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