Christianity vs The World 

I am a Christian who loves Starbucks. There.  It’s out there in the open. I know that you won’t understand what I just said but as you read this article do you want understand in light of the things that of been said about Starbucks in the past.

Over the years I got caught up in every Tom, Dick, and Harry’s opinion pieces on social media about what company supports what and the like only to find myself starved, thirsty, and naked.  Okay, naked might be a stretch but that’s not my point.

Recently, I saw a bunch of op-eds about a televangelist whose church did not open their doors on the first day of a natural disaster.  You would have thought they denied Christ Himself. The problem is that so many people responded out of anger without all of the facts. Instead of looking at what really happened they posted a bunch of negative stuff about it and spread it to other friends and family. From time to time I know and it’s vital that we know information, however, it can be detrimental.

So when information keeps coming out on social media it brings a lot of confusion especially when it comes from the media. But my job as a Christian is not to let people know what I don’t believe in or what I don’t stand for. My job as a believer is to first love God and then love others. So when I started reading articles about restaurants and stores not supporting Christian values, it brought to light to me that we spend a lot of time telling people what we don’t believe that instead of loving the very people there within those stores.

What if we miss an opportunity to be Christ in the marketplace because of someone else’s opinion?

Dare I say that perhaps we must go in to the darkest of places in the marketplace to reach others? Or am I to become the way it was like the pharisee who said thank God I am not a sinner like this man?

Dare I say that we should become  an example to those who are social media or in real world life? Am I saying that we need to walk into a strip club or into a bar or into the darkest of places in the world in trouble? Most certainly not! I am saying however that we must be flexible to plan that God has. We cannot love our neighbor and love ourselves if we are too busy criticizing and condemning those that God wants us to reach.

Besides how often do we find out that those pieces that we read are false? I know said it is easy to jump on the bandwagon of social media reports.   But today we have to come to the point in our walk with God and we spent the majority of time loving one another. Today I want to challenge each and every one of you including myself to look past the op-ed pieces and move forward to touching someone’s life.

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