Because I Said So

It’s that time of year, men.  The lunch bags are packed, the book bags are filled with papers and books, the mornings are filled with silence in our homes, etc. You know the drill?  You send your kid off to school to learn, to grow, and hopefully (by the grace of God) become great people of society. Something happens between the classroom and the bedroom.  Something happens between the school bus and the church bus.  Something occurs that we, as fathers, don’t always understand. Let me explain.

God has always given me this gift of talking.  I could get a brick wall saved just to get me to shut up.  I have always had a gift to teach and to lead. However, unbridled, these gifts have taken me to a whole new level of learning.  When I was younger in my school days, I was a talker. When I say that I was a talker, I don’t mean that I talked most of the time, I talked all the time. I have the report cards to prove it. They had check marks all across them for “excessive talking”. The teachers loved me and my parents loved me, but you know they were all thinking, “when will he ever be quiet?”

Now, God has a sense of humor.  A beautiful wife and three cutie pies later, I have found myself reaping what I have sown. I see now why people lose their hair at such a young age. As a father, I believe I have mastered the phrase “because I said so?!” I swore I would never stoop to that level but here we are at the end of our ropes and using the last bit of ammo we have.

Sometimes, I wonder if God feels that way about us as His children. I see where I keep beating my head on the brick wall of life just to find that He has already said it over and over again, “no.”  Nothing very spiritual about that but perhaps we are finding as fathers that we are connecting with the Father on a whole new level.  Perhaps He has told you no and it was because He said so. Sometimes we don’t need to know the why but that He is in control.  I often think about the things that He has shielded us from so that we won’t walk in fear or even be angry about.  How often does He keep us from knowing the many times that we could have been in great danger? How often has He left us with “unanswered” prayers?

I am reminded of the Garth Brooks song “Unanswered Prayers” and where he talks about the many times that he asked God to make this woman his wife only to find that God had someone better for him? I used to ponder what would have become of me if He had answered every prayer that I had with a “yes.” Who knows what kind of mess that I would have been in.  Because God’s greatest gifts are often unanswered prayers.

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