A Father’s Love

“Let me tell you a secret about a father’s love
A secret that my daddy said was just between us
He said daddies don’t just love their children every now and then
It’s a love without end, amen”
George Strait – Love Without End, Amen 1990

I was sitting on the couch the one day, watching and listening to Maleah, my oldest daughter, playing in the corner. She inevitable ends up with toys all over the house and in this case, she ended up at the end of the couch next to the china hutch. She had a toy she was playing with and began to laugh and talk so I moved to the end to see what she was up to. She had her back to me, so she had no clue that I was watching her explore. This was the vision that God gave me in that moment. A father’s love is not exemplified by the money he spends nor the things he has. His love is not primarily portrayed where anyone sees it. Mostly, a father’s love is seeing in the secret while he is watching his children explore. It’s a time that we don’t see, hear, or even know that this love is being performed. It’s the purest love because no one knows that it is happening. God’s love is the same at times. When we don’t even think about it, God is watching us and it is at that time that we don’t see it. It may seem cheesy, sure, but at the same time we should look over our shoulders and glance up to Heaven to say, “Daddy, I love you, too.”

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