3 Keys in Overcoming a Critic

“To escape criticismdo nothing, say nothing, be nothing.” —Elbert Hubbard

One of the things that I am sure of in life is this; not every person is going to like what you have to say. For certain, there will be those who will troll your page, leave negative comments on your Facebook page, put negative reviews on Amazon about you, and the list could go on forever. Here’s the thing, if you stand back and allow yourself to be paralyzed by what other people say, you will never accomplish anything worth talking about. What if Albert Einstein had listened to his math teacher or if Michael Jordan listened to his basketball coach?

Over the years I have seen amazing people simply give up because of what their critics said. I know I have withdrawn for that very reason. However, I have asked these 3 questions to know if a push back is really worth the energy to engage.

  1. Is it True? That’s a question I ask if I hear push back. Is what the opposition says true? My response to that question determines if it is worth the fight.
  2. Am I wrong? Most of the time when I ask myself this question, the answer is no. I have admitted when I was and retracted if it warrants it. However, there will be critics that believe with every fiber of their being that you are wrong and they are right. Unfortunately, the sky isn’t always blue and the grass isn’t always green.
  3. Can I fix it? This question comes on the heels of something that has been broken and I have either the option to fix it or let it go. If I cannot fix it, there is no point in me spending precious time and energy on it. If I can fix it and make it right, it is my duty to do so.

I know. These are very simple. That is the whole point of this little exercise. Most of the situations that we have pushed back from are something that is just that simple to overcome.

How are you answering those questions in your situation today?

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