Unpacking Lessons Learned

Over the past week, we certainly have had a few things change in our lives. I wanted to take some time to unpack those changes and share what we have learned over that time. It is not exactly what we expected in our lives, however, it is definitely giving us a learning experience.

One of the reasons that we decided to launch our site was to be a source of encouragement and to be completely transparent during the good, the bad, and the ugly. Be encouraged that no matter the situation that you are going through that you are not alone in that. God can use it and use it for your good.

One of the things that I have learned during my sort time on this earth is preparedness. Though we can never fully predict when we could lose our job, lose a loved one, etc., we can prepare. Sara and I have spent the past few years preparing in our finances to be able to be self-employed if the case ever arose. The end result is to open our coffee shop in the local town we are from, however, we know that things do not always go according to plan. Though we are not 100% there, we are getting closer by the day. We are debt free with exception of our home, we have an emergency fund, and we have set goals to become more independent financially.

This is important especially in a time like we are going through. If we had not prepared, we would be in a place of hurt beyond understanding. Thankfully, we have been directed in wisdom to prepare. I have personally had a lot of great people behind us and encouraging us through this difficult time. I am eternally grateful that we have had that support.

If you have not already gotten your finances in order, feel free to contact me personally at howellwj@gmail.com or may I suggest daveramsey.com to help you!

Unpacked Lesson Learned #1 – Be Financially Secure and Prepared for the Storms of Life.


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