Made for More 2 – Men’s Retreat

Over the weekend, I had the honor of attending a men’s retreat in Bonne Terre, Missouri. Honestly, I have never heard of Bonne Terre. We drove a short distance into the middle of nowhere to the old mining town that is located just south of St. Louis.  With 160+ men, we joined together for one common goal – glorifying God.  Being part of a Network Marketing company wasn’t always what I had in planned. As a matter of principle, I avoided them like the plaque. This one, It Works, gave us an opportunity to be a part of a Christian company that starts with God at the top.

The weekend was spent learning about how we could be better men in our homes. I know. It’s a network marketing company – we are learning about how to be great men. It was said best;

“If you know your WHY the HOW will fall into place.” – Blair McFarlane

Isn’t that true? If you know the reason why you are doing something, how you do it will come together.  The first night was spent learning about the people in our company and how they succeed in all that they do when it comes to Multi-Level Marketing. Then…it was all booming from there. I will be going over my notes with you and hope that these will help you to grow your business, however, that is not my pure intention…it is to help you be the best YOU!

Friday Night

Joel Dunn

  • Jesus was the ultimate Network Marketer. He chose 12 men to carry what He had to other people to other cities to create the Church.
  • “The Guy who knows how will always work for the guy who knows why.” Henry Ford
  • You have to start with why and the rest will follow.
  • The switch happens after you become diamond in the business because you are then required to lead.
  • It is not about you – it is about your team and all of the people you can help.
  • God did not create you to glorify yourself, but to help others.

Blair McFarlane

  • This is “our” business not “your” business or “my” business.
  • Don’t quit if you don’t hit your goal right away.
  • Diving appointment for you is to learn.
  • You will have people come and go in life which hurts; you can overcome it.
  • Your perspective needs to be to look at the long term vision.
  • There is a special loyalty to this business and it helps you to learn as you grow.
  • The anointing flows to the beard.

Bubba Hatcliff

  • Sometimes we have to do the hard stuff in our lives in order to get what we want out of it.
  • It is important to recognize your team
  • It is important to recognize who you are working for is full of integrity.
  • In sales, you have to be a product of the product and believe in the product.
  • Quitting is never in your vocabulary

Eric Murphy

  • Determination births success
  • Be around like minded people.
  • Success does not keep you from wanting to give up. Just don’t quit.
  • Give yourself 24 hours to respond and 24 hours to “dwell” on the problem. Then…move on.
  • Think about your why.
  • Find your place in your business, in your home, and in your life.
  • Know what you expect out of your business and open the lines of communication with your spouse.

Daniel Sinclair

  • Working together builds this business.
  • The investment is worth it
  • Find the “one thing.”
  • Sometimes we have to do the uncomfortable things to connect with this business.

Saturday Morning 

Panel 2 – The Take-Away from Made for More Event: 1 Year Ago

“Are you working for your marriage or for your divorce?”
      –Matt Iamaio

Josh Pearl

  • Personal Development is the key to success and being the dad that you are designed to be.

Scott Bjertnes

  • A Firm Foundation in Faith that helped him to take the steps that he needed to take to be the better man that God created him to be. He had to become okay with taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back in his faith.

Tae Young

  • Important things in life are not found in glass trophy cases – they are found in our family.

Matt Iamaio

  • He found that his marriage was worth fighting for. Through the book “Pray Big for Your Marriage“, Matt and his wife went from the brink of divorce to being the power couple that God has called them to be. He found the purpose in his marriage. What is yours?
  • Life is not about you or For You.
  • You have to have a vision for your marriage.
  • “Are you working for your marriage or for your divorce?”
  • If you are made for more then how are you going to get there?

Brad Bowie

  • He was the child of a pastor and found himself giving up on God because of the things that he saw in the church. Early on in his life, he began dealing drugs and drinking excessively. He found himself more drunk than not just trying to hide the pain. He had a child and married young only to find out that his wife was cheating on him. That led to a series of events that left him alone in his apartment on the brink of suicide. The enemy fought him with the Spirit of fear and suicide. He cried out to God to prove that He was real.  God’s presence kept him from killing himself. He now counsels those that are in the same position in life.  

Habakkuk 2 

Saturday After noon

“I’m just a dude. You are just a dude.  Jesus died so that you live an extraordinary life. There’s a load of crap sold to you to live a life that is mediocre; go to school, go to work, wor
k work work, and retire.”
-Joel Dunn

Joel Dunn

  • “I’m just a dude. You are just a dude.  Jesus died so that you live an extraordinary life. There’s a load of crap sold to you to live a life that is mediocre; go to school, go to work, work work work, and retire.”
  • The #1 thing to his success is that God made him for more. Only one of you are ever made for a specific design.
  • Jesus died so you can be the champion that you He created you to be.
  • You have to use what you have learned to spring board you into greatness by sharing with others.
  • We do not fight for victory because we already have won the victory.
  • We have a vehicle that birthed hope.
  • Your struggle is not a path just for you to go through – it is used to give God glory.
  • When we take care of our family first we have the ability to help others.

Panel 3- What Does Putting On The Full Armor of God On Mean (Eph 6:11-13)

“God will not put you on the earth defenseless”
– Andrew Phillips

Jake Warren

  • Get the day started right to get his head in the right place
  • Support his wife
  • Getting right with God

Ryan Cunningham

  • What you put on is what you are fighting for 
  • The weapon helps you to be the champion.

Andrew Phillips

  • God will not put you on the earth defenseless
  • Fighting with prayer will pave the way for you
  • The Word of God thoroughly equips you for battle.

Chad Kneller

  • All things good are worth the fight
  • You will have the struggles, regardless of what you think
  • Set yourself up to become the person God wants you to be
  • Failure is the Fertilizer to Success.

    “Failure is the Fertilizer to Success” Chad Kneller

From There to Here to There 

Jake Warren (Luke 12:12)

  • Jake struggled with a lot of additions and legal issues. These battles have lost him the ability to be employed by a traditional employer.
  • He overcame the addictions and legal issues by working the business because it gave his family hope.
  • Two weeks before he got married, he was in so much trouble with the law that he told his then fiancee that he would completely understand if she decided not to marry him.

Ryan Cunningham (1 Sam 16:17)

  • The struggle of what people thought of him caused him to feel that he was never enough and battled through self-worth.
  • Break out of the box of “normal”

Andrew Phillips

  • Joined the military at a young age and married his wife. He talked his wife into join It Works and it caused a big rift in their marriage. ON the verge of divorce, they decided to work together. In that, they met leaders of the company that were concerned about their salvation. They were both saved on the same day.

Quint Conway

  • There is great power with the inner circle of influence.
  • He was convicted by God to pray a simple prayer “Use Me” for the Spirit of God to show up.
  • As the leader of our home, we carry the burden of influence.
  • We are not called to influence others but to be influenced.
  • Build your circle of influence
    • Proverbs 13:12 He who walks with the wise is wise
    • 1 Corinthians 15:33 Bad company corrupts good morals.
  • Are the five people that you hang out with the man that you want to be?

Blair McFarlane

  • A leader is one who leads himself first.
  • If you could not fail, what you you try?
  • Gideon was in the wine-press when he was called to greatness by the angel.
  • Our lives are beyond what money and fame can ever do, but with our vision can you give your why?
  • We have to be compelled beyond our busyness.
  • As a child of the King, He wants me to have the desires of my heart
  • All the amazing things do not keep us from the hard things in life.
  • God will give you the comfort that you will need.
  • you have not because you ask not
  • time is of the essence of life. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.
  • All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.
  • Being the leader is being a good example to follow.
  • Be careful who you listen to
  • One of the reasons people fail is that people listen to the wrong people.
  • We have to be careful what we speak; we talk way more about what we don’t want as opposed to what we want.
  • When we face challenges, we have to look up, get up, and more forward. We cannot waste time to wallow.
  • If we focus on the stinking thinking, our focus is not on the vision.


  • God will always move you  into the direction to help people.
  • History records that extreme events involve helping others.
  • Mark 2:1-12, Matthew 9:1-8, Luke 5:17-26 (ESV)
    • Take heart for by your faith, your sins are forgiven
    • Those that heard His good words called Him a blasphemer
    • Jesus then had the man get up and walk
  • In today’s churches, we find that we more the keeper of the aquarium instead of being the fisher of men.
  • Jesus went about doing His normal routine
    • Everyone came from everywhere
    • Even non-believers
    • Religious Leaders
  • The friends could have given up and left the man at the door with the “possibility that he would have been healed by Jesus with no guarantees.
  • The friends’ desperation tore the roof off to get him to Jesus.
  • Two things happened here;
    • Their popularity sank when they distracted the people by tearing up the roof during the sermon.
    • The paralytic could have been embarrassed by the things that they were doing for him.
  • Jesus said “Son, your sins are forgiven” after seeing the faith of his friends.
    • Don’t think that it wasn’t seen by God
  • The friends wanted so badly for their friend to be healed, but instead Jesus first healed his spirit then healed his body.
  • God loves to give doubters the undeniable proof of who He is.
  • God is always looking to make a greater miracle.
  • The friends made/created an atmosphere for a miracle to happen.
  • The paralytic wasted no time in getting up. The crowd were amazed and began worshiping God. And they all left glorifying God (even the non believers). Everyone was impacted by the heart of the four friends trying to get one touch. There was no ulterior motives.

“Am I the guy in the crowd that might have gotten upset or angry about the distraction or be the guy who caused it?”


Recommended Reading

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