Job and Murphy’s Law

“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”
– Murphy’s Law

Sara and I at one point in our marriage… okay, let’s be realistic, the vast majority of the time that we have been married, have lived the definition of Murphy’s Law. In fact, Murphy was our long lost relative that found us right before we decided to get married. I believe that he moved into the basement of our first home in Millstadt, Illinois. Perhaps he traveled with us to Memphis when we went to visit family when the transmission went out. Maybe he discovered the meaning of the neighbors from… perhaps you get the point.

I remember our pastor speaking at our wedding stated that we would be ones that would show people that our marriage would last. For better or for worse, in sickness or in health, for richer or for poorer, until death do us part. Those vows would become a test of reality for us in our marriage. With that, we were tested by the enemy’s attack. We were tempted to go into debt. We were tempted to live above our means. It was a battle.

By now, you may wonder why am I bringing all of these things up and mentioning Murphy and the law with his namesake. Perhaps we can go back to the origin of this law. Murphy’s law has been around for centuries under different names. It wasn’t until the 20th century that this law would be given a name. Author Arthur Bloch wrote “The Law’s namesake was Capt. Ed Murphy, a development engineer from Wright Field Aircraft Lab. Frustration with a strap transducer which was malfunctioning due to an error in wiring the strain gage bridges caused him to remark – “If there is any way to do it wrong, he will” – referring to the technician who had wired the bridges at the Lab. I assigned Murphy’s Law to the statement and the associated variations.”

In Romans 8:28, we read that “all things God works for good for those who love Him.”  I often believe that God would use the things we have gone through to encourage the people around us to never give up or to never quit. As the story of the Tortoise and the Hare, we learned that “slow and steady” wins the race and the race is called life. Often, we turn to the story of Job when we are going through the difficulties of life.

In Job’s time, Murphy wasn’t around. Between the man being called righteous to his whole world being destroyed, Job had a rough time excepting the fact that he wasn’t hearing from God during his trial. Cursing the day that he was born, Job would be surrounded by his wife who called him to “curse God and die”, three friends, and a pity party. With friends like these, who needs enemies?  I don’t make light of the pain that Job was going through. He had just lost all of his family and was being plagued with sickness.  But Job learned quickly towards the end the sovereignty of God and His presence.

Though Job experienced Murphy’s law, he came out the other end completely restored with double what he lost. While you are going through the laws that seem to be against you, just remember that even though we have them, we do not have to remain in them. There is a reward all at the end of it all.


Book Review | Rediscovering God in America

I picked up this book at a book sale at our local library on a hunch that it would be a great book. This book was more than a great book. For me, it took me through the heart of our nation’s capital through each monument and significant landmark showing the connection between those reminders and the fact of our Judeo Christan roots. It is not a mere history book, but a book that is full of pictures, history, and reminders of what our nation was founded on. From the Washington Monument to the World War II memorial to the White House to the Library of Congress, Gingrich will walk you through the most important pieces of our history. You won’t want to miss this!  Grab your copy today!

3 Phrases to Remove From Your Vocabulary Today


“The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences. ”
Proverbs 18:21 NLT

Success is not only birthed in what we do but also what we say.  We pave the way to success with the words that we speak. Just the same, destruction is paved by the words that we speak.  In order to succeed in life, we must remove three destructive phrases from our vocabulary.

  1. I will never.  Henry Ford said it best, “Whether you think you can or can’t, you are right.” We have to break free from this phrase and replace it with I will. The building block of success is to first to remove the “I will never” out of the vocabulary. This is the point where it is important to change your process of speaking and thinking. Begin to find ways that you can accomplish the goals that you want to complete. If there is an obstacle, find a way to overcome it. There is always a way out of the “I will never trap.”
  2. I am broke. Let’s not deny reality. We all have times that we struggle with money. However, parading it around in our vocabulary will not attract positive people. In fact, it is a turn-off.  Naming and claiming it isn’t what I am saying either. However, I am saying that when you remove the “I am broke” from your vocabulary, it will attract people and opportunities that are not. We had a friend say that they keep a dollar in the back of their wallet because that tells them that they are never broke.
  3. If I don’t expect anything good, I won’t be disappointed. This one plagued me for years. Disappointment after disappointment made me jaded. In my post, Forgive me while I try not to be cynical, I talk about the struggle that I have about being a cynic. Honestly, it is easier to believe nothing good will happen. That is no way to live. Being hopeless is pointless. Trade the gift of cynism with the gift of faith.

The key to success is to replace any negative thought and words with something positive. Our mind and our mouths have great power. I have heard it said, “I would rather believe something good will happen and receive something small than to rather believe nothing good will happen and receive that.”

I have written about three phrases to remove. What phrases do you think you should remove? Why?



5 Things That I Learned From The Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation

Over the past three months, our country has been in a constant state of chaos with the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court decision. First, I want to preface this in stating that I was an early advocate for the Judge and believe that he will make great judicial, non-partisan decisions, and judge according to the Constitution as written. Second, leaving nasty comments or emails regarding my opinion will not change my mind. These are my thoughts and what I believe is the foundation of my life.

As I followed these proceedings, I saw several key learning opportunities in what transpired.

  1. You Catch More Flies With Honey. The vitriol that transpired through the news cycles, the Senate Judiciary Hearings, and Social Media just show that people that are fed up with being yelled at and their minds are not changed by harsh tones and yelling. No one mind was changed by someone screaming at them.
  2. Your Feelings Do Not Change Facts. Though this goes along with the previous entry, it also is the truth. You may feel that someone is categorically wrong and you’re upset about it. This does not change the truth, however. You may have strong feelings about our President. It doesn’t change the truth – he is still our President.
  3. Your Past Is Not Realy Behind You. Be careful about what you do today for it may come to light tomorrow. This little fact really struck home during this hearing. I am not the only one who double checked the past to make sure there were no skeletons in my closet.
  4. The Mob Does Not Rule In Our Government. This really bothered me. All throughout these proceedings, I saw the protest. Protests in themselves are not bad. I am all for speaking your voice. I, however, found it disturbing while seeing grown people chase down our Senators and other government officials while yelling and screaming the vilest things about them and about their families. All through this process, people were making death threats, causing damage to property, and disregarding the safety of others because they wanted to make a point.
  5. Never Give Up.  This may be an unpopular thought. I personally think that it is amazing that Brett Kavanaugh never gave up. It would have been easier to quit and give up because he had such opposition. He kept moving forward and persevered.

The biggest take away from this was this; the Golden Rule should be bi-partisan. Whether you are a Democrat, an Independent, Republican, or any other political party, you deserve to be treated the way that others would want to be treated. 


Finally, if you are unhappy with the current political climate, it is time for you to VOTE!


When Enough is Never Enough

In a previous post, Why People Hate Politics, I wrote about the perils of the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings that have taken place over the past several months. Since my post, an FBI investigation was opened in regards to the allegations that were put against him. There was a call for a hearing. The hearing occurred. There was an FBI investigation requested. One was provided. Now – it isn’t enough. Those oppose this nominee are now stating that they don’t have enough time to complete the task, let’s move it out further.

It bears to question; when is enough ever enough? In the eyes of the ones that are against the values of Americans, it is never enough. Americans are getting more and more tired of the politics of today where you are guilty until you are proven innocent where you are still guilty. What do I mean? Kavanaugh has been accused of a heinous crime. Horrible. However, there has been no corroborated proof that it happened. Though this is the case, he cannot serve as a professor at Harvard Law. Why? People feel threatened. People feel that he had committed this crime without being proven guilty.

When will enough be enough? Honestly, I believe that it will never be enough. I hate to say that for these people. I also believe that we can change this tidal wave. On Tuesday, November 6, you can make that change by voting. Get out and vote! Don’t allow your values to become silent because you decided to not get up and vote. Don’t allow your point of view become unimportant because you decided to stay at home on election day. More than ever, this election cycle is vital to our country.

I implore you. Get out and vote your values on November 6th!